Untold tips on staying Stylish After Your 40s

As it’s rightly said so, “Age is just a number”. 

On that note, we are going to share some styling tips that will help you look good and feel younger at the same time. 

Look young in 40s

Don’t go on a shopping spree 

It’s always advisable to pick the clothes that compliment your body, shape, and your personality. Don’t get too tempted by the sale; try to be as picky as possible. Make sure you are spending on the pieces that suit you at a personal level. 

Try not to match or be too polished 

It can be tempting to try and mix things up and get playful with colors. So, use that temptation to your benefit. Wear your jacket with different pants or pair your blazer with jeans for a modern look. 

Don’t Invest In Cheap Fabrics 

When you attain the age of 40, why not sell your wardrobe with a flimsy or poorly made t-shirt. It does become necessary for a 40-year old to load the clothing section with something containing a bit more substance. 

It is important to buy natural fabrics like silk, cotton, linen, and cashmere that will compliment your styling sense. Do not to buy clothes that cling or don’t drape well. 

Don’t wear tights together 

You should pair your tight leggings with wide pieces like tunics or wide shirts. If you are wearing a tight skirt, try to complement it with a loose top or vice versa.  

Today, loose layers on the top half are combined with a tighter pair of leggings. This way you can flaunt your curve without a problem. 

Know your style 

Once you know your style and your shape, you can break any rule and add items from the “don’t list” without doubt and without lowering your confidence. 

You can also look up a style personality quiz (there is plethora of them online) which will help you better your ideas and choices when it comes to dressing. In the end, you will learn you always had it, you just didn’t pick the right clothes for you. 

Create your own chic look 

At this point looking good is no longer a challenge. The next step is to get up, and start dressin’. 

Once you feel young inside your chosen clothes, styling should complement your waist and hip. All these tips were just simple ways to enhance your taste and add to your learning about your body and style.