What Makes Us So Attracted to Some People?

Finding a friend, a life-partner, or someone to build a relationship with is something we all do at some stage of our lives. Even though we search for some specific attributes in people, there comes a time when we instantly get attracted to a random person whom we barely know.


Just recognizing someone’s face is enough to get us attracted, even if their name is unknown to us. Ever wondered why this happens? Here are some of the most mind blowing yet interesting reasons, explaining the art of sudden attraction that can lead us to an obsession with a person:

It Is Easier to Get Attracted Towards Someone Who Looks Happy and Healthy

It has now been accepted by the psychological experts, that one’s hormonal activity and acceptance of someone else, is affected and dependant upon how happy or healthy they look. Hormones for example, are triggered when one person meets another person who is young and healthy. Someone’s face symmetry, shape, physique, standing pose, etc. all represent whether or not they are healthy and happy and therefore gets us attracted to them.

You Are Likely to Like Those Who You See Regularly

Even if you barely talk to them, it is easier to like and get attracted to a person if you get to see them regularly. This explains why most people have crushes on their co-workers and university fellows. Simply by looking at someone, even if from afar, on a regular basis can make them likable and interesting to you.

Psychological Closeness Improves Instant Attraction

It is easier to like a person if you find them psychologically identical to yourself. There are higher chances of you falling for someone who thinks the same way as you, has similar beliefs, and shares a routine that you do. Other commonalities like social status, profession, hobbies, and clothing choice, etc. can also lead to attraction.

Someone Falling Fit Under Your Social Ideals Is Easy to Keep You Hooked

Every culture and society has its own standard of beauty and personality. Chances are, if you see someone who falls fit under societal definition of beauty, you will instantly start finding them attractive and fall for them easily.

Thankfully this last point has been losing strength, as more and more people have developed their own standards and ideals. Perhaps the accelerated use of the internet has broadened our spectrum for taste?