Wearing Sunscreen Indoors Is a Necessity, According to Dermatologists

Sunscreen Indoors

In the past, we have only used sunscreen to protect our skin from sunburn while sunbathing. But as we have improved our knowledge of the sun’s harmful effects over time, many have begun to use SPF creams in their daily skin routine. That’s because the sunscreen itself has a much bigger purpose than just protecting us from a sunburn. By applying it daily, it will bring us many other skin related benefits such as:

  • Maintaining an even skin tone
  • Prevent the skin from premature aging 
  • Protection from UV rays 
  • Lowers the risk of developing skin cancer

Now that we know why it is important to use SPF creams when we are exposing ourselves to direct sunlight, another question comes to mind, do we still need to apply sunscreen even though we don’t leave our house that day?

We at FadBuzz found this topic very intriguing, so we decided to dig deeper and clarify the dilemma – to apply sunscreen or not to apply sunscreen indoors? And according to dermatologists, the answer is a big fat YES, and here is why.

UVA Rays Can Penetrate Through Windows

There are UVB and UVA rays. UVB rays are the ones that cause sunburn and are the greatest culprits in the development of skin cancer. UVA rays also help in the formation of skin cancer, and the bad thing is that while you are fully protected by UVB rays when you are at home, unfortunately, that isn’t the case since UVA rays can penetrate through windows. Besides skin cancer formation, UVA rays are also responsible for wrinkle appearance as they penetrate deep in the skin.

So, if you want to prevent your skin from premature aging and have soft and youthful skin without wrinkles even in your late 40s, don’t forget to apply sunscreen even if you are at home and not exposing yourself to direct sunlight. According to experts, for a fully protected skin, you should choose broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF no less than 30. 

If you were hoping to save some money on SPF cream by working at home, don’t. Especially if your work desk is facing the window. We know that it may look like it doesn’t make any sense to put on sunscreen at home, but the dermatologists proved us all wrong. That’s why it is very important to invest in a quality SPF face cream.