Fun DIY Ideas for the Christmas Season

Social distancing means to keep a safe distance between yourself and other people who are not from your household.
To protect yourself, and your family from covid-19 you should avoid places with a lot of people and spend more time at home. If you find staying at home as boring as we do, doing DIY’s for the holiday season just might be the thing that was missing to break your monotonous daily routine.

Below we list fun holiday season DIY ideas to decorate your home with.

Snowing Jar

You will need: a jar, water, glitter, and a small artificial Christmas tree.

  1. Take the jar and fill it with water.
  2. Put the glitter inside the jar with the water.
  3. Take the small artificial Christmas tree and glue it on the inside of the jar lid.
  4. Put the lead back on the jar, making the tree go inside the jar.
  5. Close the lead tightly so that water does not come out.
  6. Turn the Jar upside down, and enjoy watching the snow fall on top of the little Christmas tree.

Lit Pine Cones

You will need: tall water glass, pine cones, and string lights.

  1. Place the end of the string lights inside the tall glass.
  2. Put a pine cone inside the glass.
  3. Decorate the pine cone with the string lights.
  4. Repeat this process until you reach the top of the glass.

Wire Christmas Trees

You will need: metal wire and a cone shaped object.

  1. Unwind the metal wire.
  2. Place the end of the wire on one end of the cone shaped object.
  3. Start tying the metal wire around the cone.
  4. Cut the wire once you reach the other end of the cone.

Snowy Ball Ornaments

You will need: marker, salt, scissors, transparent ball ornament and transparent plastic sheet.

  1. Cut the plastic sheet in a circular shape with radius of the ball ornament.
  2. Draw reindeers and/or trees on the plastic sheet that you cut out.
  3. Feel around 20% of the ball ornament with salt.
  4. Place the plastic sheet with the drawing inside the transparent ball ornament.

Pine Cone Trees

You will need: pine cones, green water color, thin carton sheet, scissors, glue and cork stoppers.

  1. Color the pine cone green.
  2. Cut the carton sheet in small star shape.
  3. Place and glue the star on top of the pine cone.
  4. Glue the bottom of the pine cone on top of the cork stopper.

Star Sky

You will need: glass ball vase, candle, collage paper and scissors.

  1. With the scissors, cut out parts of the collage paper in the shape of stars.
  2. Stick the stars around the glass ball vase.
  3. Put the candle inside the vase and light it up.
  4. Turn off the lights in the room.

We hope you will enjoy creating this Christmas season DIY crafts as much as we did.