A Brief History in Makeup


Cosmetics have existed for over 7000 years on all four corners of the world. The first cosmetics in ancient Egypt contained castor oil for protection of the skin, and creams were made of beesewax, olive oil an rosewater. Good amount of the products used in ancient Egypt are still used to this day. Many women and men still decorate their eyes with kohl in green, black and blue color. Also the world’s first anti wrinkle serums were used in ancient Egypt.

The nailpolish was invented in ancient China. Painting fingernails began around 3000 BCE. They used the nailpolish to estabilish the social class. Royals wore bright colours like gold or silver while the lower classes wore darker shades.

In Europe, Alexander the Great used makeup to protect his delicate skin. When Alexander the great traveled around Asia he would send plants to his followers so they could create a garden that would be used for beauty products.

In Japan Geishas were famous for their abundant makeup. They used crushed safflower petals to paint their lips and eyebrowsl; while the foundation was made from rice powder.

A pale complexion used to symbolise an aristocratic person. Making your face white was especially dangerous in the 1900s, as the main ingredient in powders at that time was arsenic. The makeup involved a powdered face, pinching the cheeks to bring color, and burnt matches to darken the eyelashes. Colored petals or wet red tissue paper were used to colour the lips.

Coco Chanel popularised the classic look: dark eyes, red lipstick and a suntan that is commonly used today.