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Joker 2 Officially Confirmed

A sequel to The Joker is officially in the works. Todd Phillips, the director and co-writer has revealed the name of the second movie, Joker: Folie à Deux.

Phillips is teaming up again with co-writer Scott Silver for Folie à Deux. The director shared the teaser images on his instagram profile.

The plot details are not yet shared, however we know what Folie à Deux means. It is defined as a psychological disorder which is normilized due to the number of people who share the same belief. The title is very feeting when we take into considiration how many charaters in the Batman universe are not normal.

Joker 2
Teaser image posted by Todd Phillips on his Instagram

The first movie was released as a standalone. The story follows Arthur, a lonely party clown driven to insanity as he transforms into the Joker.

Originally there were no plans for a sequel, as Phillips has said, he would not return for a sequel unless there is some thematic resonance just like in the first movie.

Joker was critically acclaimed. With eleven Oscar nominations, taking home awards for Best Actor and Best Original Score.

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